Monday, July 11, 2011

Bulls Baseball!

One great thing about having friends in the area when you travel is you can really take in things that are "local." As I have said in earlier posts I have great friends still in the middle of North Carolina, and I always try to make time for them whenever possible. My friend Ashley invited me to join her and her husband for a Durham Bulls baseball game. When I was in college my roommate Amanda and I liked to watch UNC baseball (and that's right before they started punching a ticket to Omaha's College World Series regularly. I watched UNC baseball before it was cool. Just sayin'). So I gladly accepted the invite. I had NO IDEA how much fun we would really have.

Let's start with the stadium. It's located slap-bang in the middle of the city of Durham.

Let me just say this, too: our seats were unbelievable! Look how close we were to both the Bulls dugout and home plate. No zoom was used in this photograph:

And of course, a trip to see the Bulls isn't complete without the actual Bull. At any time during the game if a homerun is hit by a Bulls player the eyes on this guy turn read, smoke comes out its nose and its tail moves up and down. In short: totally cool.

I had the BEST time at the Bulls game with Ashley and David. I cannot say enough about their kindness and generosity for inviting me along. It was definitely a welcome break after spending a lot of time up to my eyeballs in history and super smart lectures. Maybe Johnathan and I can check out the Hickory Crawdads around here as an acceptable substitute!

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