Monday, March 14, 2011

SOLSC Day 14: Youtube Fun

So I have to admit, I freakin love youtube videos (but only the good ones!). This one, David after Dentist, is one of my all-time faves. I'm giving you this one first, but keep looking because my ultimate youtube video is on down the page!

"Is this real life?"

Beyond this one, I also love one about a little boy who says "blood" over and over, but for some reason it wouldn't load. So, for your enjoyment I give you....


If you're an HP fan, then you understand the humor. If you aren't, consider this little anecdote instead:
I LOVE Harry Potter, and my students are no strangers to this fact. About a year ago, I was out sick one day and left my honors class an assignment to finish a project I had already assigned that involved creating puppets from paper bags. Upon my return, they staged a showing of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" using puppets they had made in my absence. They had also practiced the song and completed the entire production perfectly. I was flattered, and slightly unsettled because they were so. good. at it. The perks of teaching 16 year olds, I tell ya!

Anyway, enjoy some fun today and I'll see you again tomorrow!


Stephanie McCabe said...

Way cute videos....I've seen the dentist one before, but it never fails to delight! I taught my students how to embed videos this afternoon, so I've been bombarded with emails telling me to go check out the vids they posted!!

Becky said...

What a fun post combining your two favorites, teaching and you tube videos. Creative.