Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hodge Podge

I suppose I could say I've been focused on not being very focused this weekend. In short: I've been pretty lazy :) Let's do a hodge podge catch up on my weekend:

Friday: Johnathan and I had dinner with my parents and watched UNC play Marquette (woohoo!). We always have a good time when we have dinner together and this was no exception. To top it off, the Heels brought home a W!

Saturday: We slept late, cooked breakfast and then my mom and I were Charlotte bound to shop for her dress to wear to my brother's wedding in May. Needless to say, it was a bust. We ended up back in the mall in Gastonia where she tried on two dresses that we both liked, but the expense of them is tough to bear when you think it's a dress you'll never wear again. We're now considering just finding something very nice and spring-like that she can use more than once. Jury is still out. Saturday night Johnathan and I watched a lot of basketball and I started really getting into Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, which honestly I'm still on the fence about; I can't seem to "like" the protagonist enough to care about her situation, if that makes any sense.

Sunday: more sleeping, more breakfast. Today I had originally wanted to go to Target to look for some pretty, brightly colored napkins for our dining room table but we opted to just take an easy day at home, do some laundry and play with the dog. We did head back to my parents' place to watch UNC, but the outcome was not as pleasant as Friday. It didn't ruin our evening though; David dropped by and we all enjoyed hamburgers for dinner and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Yum!

So while the weekend on the whole was uneventful, I do feel pretty recharged. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to our teacher workday, where I will have some grading and report card-ing to do but am not in such a time crunch. The yearbook will be DONE tomorrow as well, and I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling it off :) I'm also having lunch with my two favorite men before my husband heads to an appointment with his oncologist (it's a routine one).

I will also pat myself on the back for sticking with this blogging thing even in the face of the RIF fiasco and the fact that I've missed a few days. For me, to balance this on top of everything else speaks to my commitment to writing more. Let's hope this trend continues!

I hope your weekend was relaxing, refreshing and fun!

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