Sunday, October 3, 2010

100 posts later...

I've been itching to write a post for a few days. Usually, I try to write something that has value and some sort of focus. And lately, I've felt a little fuzzy on what exactly I should be writing about both on the blog and beyond. So I've decided that since this is my 100th post, maybe I should look back in order to move forward. And you all know I love a good list!

Over the course of 100 posts, beginning June 2008, I have:
1. Moved into, decorated, and learned to love our first home as a married couple.
2. Watched my "little" brother grow up, get engaged, and graduate from college.
3. Worked more hours at LHS in the bandroom than I care to think about, but what I lost in hours, I gained in a beautiful friendship
4. Brought home one sweet little dog that I can't imagine living without
5. Celebrated 3 years of marriage
6. Finished my second master's degree
7. Truly fallen in love with young adult literature
8. Been the wife of a cancer patient, and am now the wife of a cancer survivor!
9. Become more passionate about those causes closest to me, and have spoken out on their behalf
10. Have traveled with friends and captured those moments in photographs I will forever cherish
11. Finally started to do something for myself about my distorted body image
12. Been diagnosed and treated for clinical depression
13. Discovered my inner voice through writing
14. Celebrated the birth of nieces, nephews and cousins
15. Laughed, Cried and Loved through the struggles, the doubts and the occasional triumphs
16. Found value in building real relationships at work
17. Worked on defining myself as a professional and a wife, daughter, sister and friend
18. Built new and/or healthy relationships slowly but surely
19. Found that I can, in fact, cook
20. Taught LOTS of students, most of which have left my classroom with at least some kind of new knowledge, even if it isn't necessarily about literature
21. Written recommendation letters that have contributed to college acceptance
22. Learned to appreciate quiet evenings at home with a glass of wine and the company of my husband
23. Built my 101/1001 list, and am making documented progress
24. Worked to find something good in each and every day, even when it's terribly difficult or feels impossible
25. Learned that love, friendship and compassion can make any broken person feel whole again.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and definitely proves I have a lot of living left to do. Here's to 100 more posts of a life full of dreaming :)

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