Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something a little less depressing :)

Things are getting back to normal at the Beam house, thankfully! Johnathan was cleared by his surgeon to drive as of yesterday, so last night HE drove ME to Wal-Mart to get groceries :)

Otherwise, he went back to work today at his actual office. And I swear, those guys at Visual South (where he works) are amazing. We have been very fortunate to have Johnathan at a place like that one.

We had an exciting weekend, Matt and Erin came to visit and we saw the movie "The Book of Eli" which I liked, but wasn't an "everyone must see it" type film for me. The message was clear. The plot twist was good. But eh. I'm way more interested in Avatar or Sherlock Holmes myself.

I have a great story to tell about just how sweet and wonderful my husband is, but I'll get to that in a separate post (it deserves its own space). But I want to add some photos here of some recent happenings on the homefront.


This beauty was installed on Monday, which brought about heavy sighs of relief because a) the old one wasn't getting water to it and b) I hate doing dishes AND to top it all off, we were afraid with the hardwood floor we put in around the dishwasher we inherited from the previous owners that either the old one wouldn't come out or (worse) the new one wouldn't go in.
But it all worked out (the 4 of us meditated to the appliance gods to make it happen, I think)

We also received a new over the range microwave from Johnathan's parents for Christmas. It has been installed in the kitchen too, so it feels like a whole new space!!

I spoiled myself just a little after all of the stress we've endured and bought myself a little something. Say hello to this lovely bag, courtesy of my bank account and the good people who sell Coach at Dillards.

Overall, (aside from the gorgeous purse, which is a splurge) I feel like Johnathan and I are getting a do-over when it comes to a lot of things. Before his surgery, we would have thought twice about new appliances and making lots of plans with friends but now things seem different. In spite of all that has happened, we are pretty happy folks all the way around. We pulled through this together, and in some ways it has really changed our perspectives (but more on that when I tell the sweet story!).

I'm very glad to be back to work, back to working on the house, back to grad school and most of all back to a normal routine with my little house, my cute husband and my precious dog. We hope all of you are well!

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