Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun in the Sun! Part 1

Blogger is presently only allowing me to do so much with it. So I will be posting in segments. Enjoy!!

This past weekend I went to Hilton Head, SC to visit with my friend Ashley. We met in college and have managed to stay in touch in the last few years. Since it's summer, it was time to make it down to visit her!

Ashley works at the local newspaper, The Island Packet. She's a copy editor and page designer. Basically, she has a really cool job.

Friday I spent most of the day shopping at the Tanger Outlet centers while Ashley worked. When she got home we got all dressed up to go to this bar we saw in the newspaper. We quickly learned a lesson about judging the bar by it's name.

Clearly we were thinking Martini's would be a sophisticated classy piano-type bar. We were sadly mistaken.

We ended up at the Outback down the street from this joint. We had one drink and went home. How sad...but it was such a good adventure!

Saturday, we headed out to do the tourist thing. There's a great lighthouse on Hilton Head Island, so Harbourtown was our first stop.

Of course even the shops there were incredible! The yacht club is situated in the center and the boats were beyond belief. We were told one boat required 120 gallons per hour to run!!

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